What’s your Nursing Clinical Problem?

What’s your Nursing Clinical Problem? Find an evidence based practice solution to it.
Question 1 will help jump start your thinking for question 2. For example, I worked in ICU for many years and we always had issues with central line infections. I could go to the National Guideline Clearing House and search for a guideline to help me improve our infection rates.
1. Discuss a particular issue in the area of Developmental Disability Nursing that you feel needs change. This problem should be something that has the potential to make a difference (see nursing sensitive outcomes attached) when change is implemented.
2. Find a clinical guideline that you will use as a guide to write the final paper for this course-I will submit order next week to you, same writer. After visiting the many research resources, choose ONE clinical guideline or best practice that is NURSING focused and results in nursing sensitive outcomes then;
a. Clearly describe the best practice or clinical guideline and provide a link to resource that is helpful in understanding this practice or guideline.
b. Discuss why this best practice or guideline should be utilized in nursing practice. What are the nursing actions identified in the guideline? What are the nursing sensitive outcomes?
c. Make suggestions as to how you might implement this evidence based best practice or clinical guideline in the developmental disability health care setting. As you do so, identify any potential barriers you might anticipate and offer ways to overcome these barriers. As an example, you might work in a unit where infection is a problem, so you may choose a hand washing guideline to help change this. Make sure whatever guideline you choose will work in the developmental disability nursing setting, because your final paper/order (next week) will be the result of your attempt to devise a plan to implement this guideline.
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