Write 14 pages with APA style on Analysis on Airframe and Engine Degradation.

Write 14 pages with APA style on Analysis on Airframe and Engine Degradation. Airframe and engine degradation play a very vital role in the airline’s industry as it has many effects if not monitored accordingly. The need to investigate and improve the degradation factor has increased as it is able to save an abundance of money in terms of lower operating cost. The dramatic increase in jet fuel cost in recent years has had a significant effect on the division of operating costs. In 2003, jet fuel was around US$0.85 per US Gallon. At that time, fuel represented about 28% of the total operating cost for a typical A320 Family operator. By 2006 fuel prices had more than doubled, meaning that fuel now represents around 43% of all operating costs (Getting to grips with A320 Family performance retention and fuel savings, 2008).

At the moment every airline will have its own way of monitoring the aircraft performance based on their make. As Air Asia uses entirely Airbus fleet of aircraft, the performance monitoring is done using the APM software supplied by airbus itself.

Using this we get to see the monthly performance and the degradation of the engine and airframe. This then helps us in planning for the structure and placing for the aircraft in its most useful role. If an aircraft has low-performance factor caused by the high degradation this aircraft would be either proposed for a makeover or cease of service. As the operating cost is most vital especially for budget airlines like Air Asia, the aircraft has to perform its best at all times.

The project may suffer from delay if the timely inspection for the aircraft is not done due to delay in the maintenance department. Another reason for the delay can also be the wireless extraction method not in on time due to downtime by the service provider.

The methodology for the study combined literature review and empirical Case Study of A320 AirBus, an analysis that involved systematic sampling of aircraft to determine deviation flow of fuel due to engine degradation (DFFB) and deviation fuel flow due to apparent airframe deterioration (DFFA).

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