Write 9 pages thesis on the topic is the right to bear arms wrong.

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic is the right to bear arms wrong. Further, they suggest gun control advocates consider the Second Amendment to be “obsolete. or is intended solely to guard against the suppression of state militias by the central government and therefore restricted in scope by that intent. or does not guarantee a right that is absolute, but one that can be limited by reasonable requirements” (Krouse, 2002). Of course, read in context, this passage clearly refers to the right to bear arms as a part of the need for a militia, which we have. it’s called the National Guard. Why would have the Founders have so carefully worded the Second Amendment in this way? The word ‘gun’ cannot be found in the Constitution. It refers to arms. Does that mean we have the right to bear nuclear or chemical armaments? The topic of Gun Control is controversial and the debate surrounding it often emotional usually centering on differing interpretations of the Constitution.

In the opinion of gun control opponents, the right to own arms was of supreme importance to the Founders given that it was listed second only after the freedom of religion and speech was documented in the First Amendment. The Founders knew that by ensuring the right to own arms, citizens would have the ability to protect themselves from that which might endanger their life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. This could include bodily protection from persons and animals or from an oppressive government that threatened the freedoms outlined in the Constitution. “The Second Amendment reflects the founders’ belief that an armed citizenry, called the ‘general militia’ was a necessary precaution against tyranny by our own government and its army. The idea that the government has a constitutional right to disarm the general citizenry is totally foreign to the intent of the Constitution’s framers” (Reynolds & Caruth III, 1992).

Gun-control proponents,&nbsp.according to the words of opponents, decry the evils of gun ownership every time a tragedy such as Columbine High School or Virginia Tech occurs and though they would like to see every gun taken out the hands of law-abiding citizens, seldom is an enforceable, workable plan offered that would curb gun violence.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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