Compose a 1500 words assignment on behavioral modification in corporate organizations.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on behavioral modification in corporate organizations. Needs to be plagiarism free! The social process by which one person attempts to influence one or more other persons is encountered in a large variety of interpersonal relationships. e.g., the superior-subordinate, the staff-line, the consultant-client, and the salesman-customer. These relationships always occur in, are affected by, and in turn, affect the context of groups and organizations. Broadly speaking, the objective of all leadership attempts is change-change in motivation, in attitudes, in behavior, etc., whether at the level of the individual or of the group. (Fred, Robert, 1961:1-2)

It is very difficult for managers to change attitudes and even more difficult, if not impossible, for them to change someone’s personality. Behaviour, on the other hand, can be changed using techniques that are relatively easy to learn and apply. (Charles, Peter, 2004:1)

Two contrasting views that could then be used to speculate on the likely behavior of the manager and its effect on the subordinate. These views can be labeled as assumptions i.e. Theory X and Theory Y. The assumption behind Theory X is fairly simple. ‘people are basically lazy’. no one would work if they did not have to. Acceptance of this assumption leads to the inevitable conclusion that the only way to get people to work is by using strict control. This control can take two different forms. One way is to use coercion. the threat of punishment if rules are broken or target not achieved. The alternative approach is to use the ‘carrot’ rather than the ‘stick’. People are seduced by promises of rewards in producing the performance required. Theory Y is more difficult to define, partly because it is a more complex set of assumptions, but it involves the notion that&nbsp.people are naturally active, they want to be involved in their work, they enjoy achieving and have the ability and the desire to make a constructive contribution to the solution of any problems that may arise.

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