Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses how to win in a world of relentless change.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses how to win in a world of relentless change. The paper emphasizes that the given problem largely known as “hole in the middle” problem in the study and the theories provided by Garry Hamel and Michael Porter tries to explain this phenomenon existing in the markets (Baker 2005). The approaches and perspective of the two strategic management strategy theorists enhanced the management diversifications in organizations. This mainly required the adoption of new techniques and new ways of thinking taking into consideration the changing marketing and the level of the competition in the various markets (Schindehutte 2008). Garry Hamel’s approach in regard to the paradox of markets is the adoption of the marketing management strategy that was more interactive and active. From this approach, he asserts that in the management of competition in the markets as well as the maximum utilization of resources the aspect of strategic architecture and strategic intent must be introduced. This provided the importance of managers and organizational leaders in regard to competence (song Cho 2000). The two concepts also gave and hint on how it can perform better in terms of competitive advantage in contrast with other companies in the market. Michael porter in regard to the paradox of the market was the introduction of the various concepts notably the five forces analysis and the generic strategies (Kelly 1998). The detailed interaction process underlying this was that there was a need for organizational management and leaders to enhance the following. First is to enhance the minimization of costs, focus on the market strategies where a company or organization operates and finally enhance product differentiation strategies (McGivern 1997). Michael Porter Approach on Market Paradox Michael porter’s approach to the market paradox in regard to the markets and resources is based entirely on the organizations or the firm’s competitive nature. He asserts that the dynamism and the change in the markets are increasingly becoming a major area of concern to the economic theorist, practitioners, and policymakers (Baker 2005). Therefore Michael porter gives and explanation regarding this on a resource-based perspective and the market process economics (McGivern 1997). The two porter’s perspective gives an explanation of the similarities and the relations which is important in the evaluation of the dynamics and the changes in the market behavior (Kelly 1998). Porters approach is considered popular in regard to this because of its clarity, feasibility and the complementarities of the resource-based perspective and the market process economics. This approach is generally convenient in the explanation of the market changes in its competitiveness as well as its strategies (Porter 2000). The question in this context is how firms and companies compete in the various markets and the strategies that leaders and managers adopt. Porter asserts that there is a need for the firms and management teams to understand individual competitiveness as this facilitates the formulation of policies concerning competition (Hamel 2012). These policies and the underlying strategies are essential in providing necessary support in developing markets and effective utilizing of resources (Schindehutte 2008). Therefore is addressing the issue of market paradox Porter focuses mainly on the identification of the most successful strategies that a firm in a market can adopt.

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