write an article on Sigmund Frued’s theory. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Sigmund Frued’s theory. It needs to be at least 500 words. Sigmund Freud Theory Sigmund Freud Theory Hank displays an oral personality type. I think so because, based on his action, his oral inadequacies put him in constant trouble. His character results in his isolation from the social scene and he persistently maintains poor relationships, even when he thinks his actions and choice of words are right. For example, a client calls Hank “a loud-mouthed, belligerent cretin”, but he seems not to understand his wrongdoing. He also causes a scene with the waiter while on a date with Sally. In lieu to his personality type, Hank is fixated in the oral stage. His ego and lack of education on social norms causes this fixation, and he fails to see his faults from other people’s perspectives. His main problem arises because of poor oral communication (Freud, 2008).


An example of a Freudian defense mechanism that Hank uses in this description is rationalization (Freud, 2008). He uses this defense mechanism to rationalize the reason why Sally left him, stating that it was because of his overweight issues. He attributes all his problems to the society, and does not see himself as the cause of problems. Hank tries to explain his unacceptable behavior in a rational manner when Sally repulses him after a date. He avoid the true reasons of his behavior, which is his oral fixation that makes him say offending and sarcastic things to others.


An example of regression in the case study is the habit of Hank eating and smoking to relieve his stress. He seems to seek a previous time in which things were easier, and this is his childhood. Overprotection by his mother during childhood results in his regressive attitude. Although he may have just eaten, his mother solved his rampant cries through giving him a bottle of milk or cookies. For instance, the “the first inhale also helped to reduce the tension he was feeling”, while ice cream made him feel better and relaxed.


A Freudian therapist would view Hank’s weight problem is both a behavioral problem in and of itself, and as a symptom of another problem. This is because Hank does not know how to handle his stress appropriately and maintain proper social relationships. His oral fixation results in his behavioral problems, which augment his weight problems. Hank handles stress, from his social problems, through eating and smoking, which become a behavioral problem. His inability to maintain social relationships owing to his oral fixation results in stress, which he sublimes through eating ice cream.


A Freudian therapist, like the one in the case study, would use therapeutic techniques such as dream analysis or free association, a simple psychodynamic therapy (Freud, 2008). Free association helps because he can speak of his problems, rather than the therapist doing hypnosis. Dream analysis is useful because of his unconscious behaviors. Hank does not see any problems in his behavior, and is shocked to learn that people judge him differently. After a successful meeting with a client, his boss surprisingly blasts him for his inappropriate behavior with the client. The therapy would focus on the state of consciousness of the latent content, in which the dream analysis explores the hidden meaning of the dream. This can help unlock his suppressed emotions that deny him the ability to escape his oral fixation and learn to interact with people appropriately. In Freudian therapy, self-help brings about healing. Normally, the best a therapist can do is to offer advice on self-help, but provide no further assistance.


Freud, S. (2008). General Psychological Theory: Papers on Metapsychology. New York: Simon

and Schuster.

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