writing homework on Review of Evaluation of Jamaica’s Path.

Need help with my writing homework on Review of Evaluation of Jamaica’s Path. Write a 2000 word paper answering; The program is concerned with provision of cash transfers to health centers and academic institutions. The program has grown to other parts of the world. In the article the growth of CCT is referred to as the CCT wave. This program has been proved to be very efficient in the education and the health sectors in many countries in the world. The program is also affected by some factors like the household and the quality of the services provision. Furthermore, the program is implemented differently in different parts of the world. In addition, the other variables are the amount of benefits accrued and the input amount also varies. In Jamaica the program analyzed is called the PATH- program of advancement through health and education. PATH as an organization has two major components. It gives assistance to the children below 17 years in education and health sectors. The organization is committed as it visits health centers after two weeks during the first year and two times in the second and consecutive years. It offers social grants to pregnant women, the poor mothers, the disabled women and the destitute adults below 65 years. The care and the grants are non-conditional in all the regular clinics. To fully understand the program, figure 1 gives the facts in a table manner. There are some differences between short term and the long term outcomes of this program. In the model, the short-term outcomes are felt after the beneficiaries enroll. In the model, the long term outcomes is shown by dotted lines and it takes some more time to cause an effect that can increase human capital for the poor. There are several conditions that are put out for one to be eligible to participate in this program. First, a firm has to apply to the labor and the Social Security Ministry parish offices. Also it has to provide a detailed socio-economic and a demographic information which will allow MLSS to be in a position to calculate an applicable household score. The score is later used in finding the eligibility of the program. The evaluation program was based on the site visit which was conducted in two distinct rounds. In each of the rounds that were conducted, there was a random visit to the chosen parishes in whole country. There was focus on groups which had some beneficiaries and an interview with the MLSS representatives either from health centers, schools and post offices. Eligibility information was given out by the interviewees and the participants of the focus group. The two parties also provided adequate information about the health, education requirements and the adequate benefits. The success of PATH was fostered by MLSS operations. The stakeholders had a feeling that the program’s missions had been adequately accomplished. Despite the success in the program, there are some weaknesses that should be improved. First, the beneficiaries have to receive their dues on time. This will reduce the hardships that the beneficiaries face. Delays can lead to many problems as the shareholders in PATH do not have any spare resources which can lead to difficulties in finance management. Secondly, the stakeholders have to be provided by accurate information about participation of the healthcare and schools. The suspension of the PATH benefits should be disputed. Furthermore, MLSS should make a quick pay after an error has been realized. This will lead to a satisfaction of the both parties.

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