Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses stem cell.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses stem cell. As the basic unit of life, the cell became the determinant for the cause of several serious medical conditions, such as heart failures, birth defects and all types of cancer. An understanding of the process of cell development allowed medical scientists to assess a particular health condition and to boost the recovery of the person who has it. For the purposes of research and treatment, stem cell donation and banking emerged to become the hottest trend in the medical world, though a number of objections were raised especially by those from the church and other moralists. Stem Cell 101 As opposed to the other human and animal types of cell, stem cells are those that “carry the potential to develop into some or many different cell types in the body” (National Institutes of Health, 2010). A simpler and more direct approach is to state that stem cells are cells that renew on its own. They self-generate. As the human body’s repair and rejuvenating mechanism, stem cells have the ability to “divide endlessly and replenish other cells of the living person, and their product could either maintain a form of a stem cell or become another functional cell in the form of a muscle, brain or red blood cell” (National Institutes of Health, 2010).

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