prepare and submit a paper on living a healthy lifestyle.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on living a healthy lifestyle. People need to adopt a healthy living style in order to ensure that they stay healthy and exploit the advantages that come as a result of a healthy lifestyle. There are several factors that surround the healthy living and these ranges from a diet that individuals take in their daily lives, the amount of time they take to rest as well as the exercises that they undertake. Different perspectives have been directed towards the concept of healthy living, with some individuals suggesting that such living would be costly. In this paper, the focus will be laid on the description of the benefits associated with living a healthy lifestyle. In a similar manner, varied perspectives shall be explored so as to reveal factors that work in support of a healthy lifestyle. The paper shall rely adversely on empirical studies, various proven media reports, statistical reports among others.

First, healthy living has the potential of ensuring that individuals are able to protect themselves against diseases that may be caused by poor lifestyle. This can majorly be realized through the types of food that people eat. There is a huge role played by diet in the image and the well-being of individuals. One may argue that they keep themselves safe in terms of images and well being by attending the gym. This argument may remain illogical as long as individuals maintain poor eating habits. Typically, it is important that a balance diet contains plenty of vegetables and fruits as well as enough carbohydrates that help the body with energy. By choosing the best types of food to eat, an individual can gain energy and this eventually leads to living an enjoyable life. (Caton, 5) It is also important to highlight that when individuals engage in exercise as part of healthy living, they keep their bodies relaxed, particularly the muscles and therefore keeping the individual energized. According to the World Health Organization, it is recommended that individuals spend an hour a day to get involved in the moderate-intensity exercise.

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