submit a 750 words paper on the topic Psychology.

Hi, need to submit a 750 words paper on the topic Psychology. Biological element includes the genes that a person inherits from his parents. It is a fact that the hereditary codes transmitted during fertilization period determine how the child grows and develops (Santrock & Yussen, p 88). How fast and slow the person learns whether formally or informally is known to be influenced by the genes transmitted from both parents. This element is worthy of inclusion in a social science because biological background of human development does not only serve as an early predictor of intelligence and mental retardation but also influence behavior. Certain criminal behaviors, anti social behaviors, and personal disorders are known to be dictated by the genes. Some studies claim that genetics are responsible for certain percentage of aggressive criminality no matter training to curtail such personality is enforced thus biology should not be separated from social science in consideration of human development. Biochemical is another element worthy to affect human development. This is applied in the intrauterine environment of the uterus where the fetus grows and develops for nine months. This atmosphere plays a critical condition for the development of the brain, muscles, and adipose tissues. Fetus exposed to deficiencies in diet inside the uterus contribute to the congenital defects which may in turn affects the brain and nervous system resulting in abnormal behavior of the child as he continues to live his life separate from the intrauterine atmosphere (Strauss, p 1). Consideration of biochemistry as applied in human development should be included in a social science so that other disciplines understand the importance of the role of body chemicals as well as the imbalances it may cause in behavior. Behavior and human life could be improved with nutritional intervention and biochemical engineering. Evolution is yet another element believed to affect patterns of behavior with the changes of times (Moore, p 1). This is evident in how the earliest ancestors changed their behaviors as they left their forest to adjust to the woodland environment of Savanna and finally to form a society with hunting behavior. Although slow in manner, evolution claims that human changed physically, mentally and socially. Human behavior changes to find ways to adjust to their new environment. Such changes points to the need of human to survive and reproduce to his changing environment. Such development in behavior makes evolution worthy to be a social science affecting human development. For the sociological point of view affecting human development, it is believed to involve explanation of behavior through the influence of culture, values, roles, and social structures. Human behaves in accordance with how he is raised in his culture (Krebs & Blackman, p 525). For instance, an individual who is taught to value life and large family is likely to have many children and practice extended family. In like manner, roles defined by the culture are expected to be carried out by its member the way his culture dictates him to behave as reflected by the daughter role who is expected to obey parents, go to school and follow house rules. This element is worthy to be included in a social science in respect to human development because it greatly contributes to the influence of society or environment in general to the behavior of man.

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