write an article on understanding of israel and palestine conflict based on readings Paper must be at least 1000 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on understanding of israel and palestine conflict based on readings Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The Zhids according to Z are those Jews in the Diaspora who considers themselves to be decent, clean, and different from other Jews. This interview opens up a very interesting subjecting regarding the current fate and situation that the Israelis or the Jews find themselves in. Z argues that being good, and trying to be moral as the Jews were seen to be before the Lebanon invasion is what made the Jews lose their perceived land, from the Suez Canal to the Oil fields to the Arabs and the Semites. He asserts that it is the reason as to why the Holocaust happened in the first place. Z says that he is ready to take up arms and go to war just to see Israel returns to glory, get back what they lost to the Arabs and gain the respect they deserve. Acting to be clean and moral will not do the Jews any good, “…just like it did not do them any good in Berlin and Vienna” (Oz 92). Z is ready to kill and displace all the Arabs and is very ready and will to do all the dirty work. He argues that it is worse for a people to let their women to be made into lampshades and their children into soaps than it is its tormentors. It is, therefore, very clear that the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israeli is solely due to the Israelis quest to reclaim the West Bank, which they claim is rightfully their land. If Z’s arguments and documentary can be taken to represent that of many other Jews, then it can clearly be seen why the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians cannot end any time soon. The comparison of this war by Z with the Americans civilization war when they chased out the Indians to take control seems to be a motivating factor. Z argues that it is better to have a bad history and a respected and feared future a good, moral history with nothing to show for in terms of numbers and land. This, he blames on their forefathers for failing to conquer the world through war (Oz 96). Reading and reflecting on David Grossman’s book, The Yellow Wind, where he discusses his trip to Deihesha an interview with the teachers and children in the Deihesha kindergarten, more insight and light is shed on the Israeli-Palestine conflict. According to David Grossman’s interviews, the Palestinians are seen to be suffering under the rule of Israel. Their involvement in the conflict is seen due to their quest of reclaiming their land, which they claim that had been taken by the Jews. In this excerpt, it can be seen that the Palestinians living in camps, in the West Bank believe that the only solution to their plight is through taking up arms and going to war as is asserted by one of the kindergarten teachers, “… what was taken by force can only be reclaimed by force” (Grossman 22). It shocking that they do not even trust that Arafat’s efforts of trying to negotiate peace with Israel are the solution neither do they trust their own soldiers.&nbsp.

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