creating a thesis and an outline on Comprehensive exam. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.


I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Comprehensive exam. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The mission of the company is giving customers the best value for their money available anywhere as well as providing them with the necessary information for making informed buying decisions. The company goals for the next five years include: 1. Remaining profitable 2. Business growth and 3. Customer service The business not only considers its own goals but also values the goals of the various stakeholders like its employees, the community, lenders and ultimately its customers. Therefore, the company values positive relations with vendors, the community, employees, lenders, and even though the company has set customer goals, the company values additional goal of improving customer lives by offering them products or services they need. As a manager in the company, I would use leadership theories to develop inner leadership skills and learning basic knowledge through experience. The skills include self-assessment like looking at my personal leadership skills, internal motivators like the thing that motivates to be a leader as well as the personal professional vision. Ultimately, leadership theories focus on whether a leader is real and honest and skills on self-knowledge, regulation and self-concept that focus on values and belief of an individual. Servant leadership asks an employee to do what the leader is willing to do by himself moreover servant leadership ensures a leader works with the employees by employing the skills of empathy, motivation of employees as well as active listening. As well, transformational leadership theories encourage employees, ensure that the employees do their best, and foster close relation with employees by using skills that ensure employees devote to their tasks combined with skills for encouraging employees. The essential group information for ensuring that the group succeeds includes background factors like personality, gender, age attitudes, values and fundamental interpersonal relations orientation. Small groups share three needs that help fulfill tasks and the needs include inclusion, which ensures that a group increases its productivity, accomplish goals and meet more customer needs. For the small group, information on control is useful since it would help deal with the need to lead and develop power over other people. as well affection enhances friendship and closeness between people. Information on age would be essential since communication patterns change with time from childhood through adolescence to adulthood and old age. Personality information of people within the group is helpful to a manager since it offers information on how people behave. therefore, in looking for a dynamic group I would have to figure out how to work with the various personalities of individuals within the group and watching how they perform. Moreover, information on attitudes of individuals within the group is crucial since it enables me act accordingly with each individual and help correct those attitudes that do not support the business initiatives. As well, information on values of individuals within the group is essential to the success of the group in enhancing the company goals and attaining them. Moreover, in the group communication is key point since it affects the development of the group therefore information of the various forms of communication and their possible impacts on the development of the group is essential.


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