Write 42 pages thesis on the topic influence of artistic mediums upon human behavior and mood.

Write 42 pages thesis on the topic influence of artistic mediums upon human behavior and mood. Art, in a number of creative venues, represents what people see and feel in their world, whether it is an actual picture, landscape, or whether it rests only in the mind as a dream or nightmare. While there is significant research into how art impacts our surroundings, the different mediums available create different reactions, based on any person’s given mental and psychological makeup (Sternberg, 1998). In some respects, this may be hard to determine as most of this research only conducts reactions to subject matter. It does not conduct psychoanalysis on the person who is taking the tests for these studies. In this respect, the research can be flawed by a person’s past experiences, especially those that might be traumatic. Who is to say that a certain colour that ordinarily produces calmness in most people, such as blue or green, might provoke a very different reaction in someone who was locked up as a child in a room with blue painted walls, as part of a punishment process? Women, in a test, might love the colour red because it reminds them of Valentine’s Day when they were proposed to by a future husband. Research, conducted in the future, might consider tying in questions which explore why people feel certain ways about a colour, not just how. The five human senses of touch, vision, sound, smell and even taste, can account for how humans perceive their environment in a happy or unpleasant outlook. While taste is not truly a part of the research and discussion for this paper., good food can provide a happier outlook on how people might perceive their workplace or their home, in conjunction with the total environmental package (Sternberg, 1998).

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