write an article on Gods Sacramental Presence in the Contemporary World. It needs to be at least 750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Gods Sacramental Presence in the Contemporary World. It needs to be at least 750 words. The author confirms that theologians comprehend or try to understand sacramental claims among members of certain religions. He also notes that this endeavor enjoys limited success due to the complexity of the issue. Although sacramental theology is a basic factor in most religions, it has complexities that can only be understood through a deep analysis. Sacrament is an issue of faith that most religious communities demonstrate through practice. This statement has a valid argument and it is basic for the arguments presented by the author throughout the text. According to the author, the Eucharist has several meanings and themes that depend on different denominations and religious groups. The article argues that there is mystery in determining the most appropriate theme that can be used as a unifying theme or meaning of Eucharist. Some religious groups take Eucharist to imply the time for giving, spiritual food, a sacrifice, or a taste of paradise (Boeve, Geldhof, and Thomas 79). These meanings depend on the religious group and none is beyond the others. In addition, religious groups arose from various communities hence the variations. The variations that are evident in various religious groups are the roots of the variation in meaning and themes of Eucharist. Finding a common theme is the author’s opinion since there cannot exist a common sacramental theme that can unite all the existing religions and denominations. Finding a unifying theme is equivalent to unifying all the religions, which is an impossible endeavor. The author needs to have considered the best combination of the themes that can fit in a universal religion or faith. The issues surrounding the validity of sacrament have dominated western theology since the middle ages. These issues can be summarized by the needs of the faithful to achieve sacramental efficacy. However, it is still debatable whether sacrament should be performed as a prayer model or as an occasion model. Each model however has its own challenges that depend on the religious community involved. Although the two models are the dominant models of sacramental theology, sacramental efficacy remains an aspect of faith and God’s grace (Boeve, Geldhof, and Thomas 75). Therefore, sacramental theology cannot be categorized through the different models of sacrament. Each model has its own limitations and, therefore, the argument presented by the author concerning the models and categorization of sacramental theology is not factual. The author therefore would have needed to concentrate on the consequences of each model on different religious groups instead of trying to establish the single most appropriate universal sacramental theology model. Christian religious practices form an appropriate basis for liturgy and sacramental analysis. Cultural anthropologists and sociologists concur with the fact that sacramental theology is the summit of their faith and religious practices. This is a valid claim since Christianity is based on the grace of God through the death of Christ. Most religions including Christianity are based on faith and the grace of God. As a practice, sacramental theology demonstrates faith among followers of a certain religious group and their connection to their supreme being. This applies to Christianity since through the Eucharist or sacrament the faithful demonstrate their faith.

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