write an article on What Distinguish Love from other Feelings. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on What Distinguish Love from other Feelings. It needs to be at least 1500 words. That bird’s flight is without intermission and it moves there with tantalizing speed to make the lover a bard! The love-hate drama of Frankenstein is filled with passion and revenge. This story by Merry Shelly depicts how the labor love of Dr. Victor results in the creation of a monster, and leads to several tragedies, due to the non-fulfillment of its love! It is the story of love, passion, frustration, and ultimately tragedy!

Let us try to understand the timelessness of love through this metaphor—the full moon is shining in the sky. It’s a full moon day. Seeing the beauty of the moon, a tempest rises in the ocean beneath. The ocean, in an effort to reach the moon, sends the roaring waves one after another. But alas! Can the waves reach the moon howsoever big they maybe? Can the moon ever reach out to Planet Earth whatever is the intensity of the wish! These are impossible conditions. Yet the eternal struggle for fulfillment of love goes on between the ocean and the moon. Watch the scene on a sea-shore. The waves continue their efforts with the never-ending roar, they lash at the shore in frustration and the moon serenely gazes at the ocean.

Frankenstein by Marry Shelly is a novel, in which the characters challenge their frustrated love and ambitions. The theme of love explained in the novel, stands the test of the present-day materialistic civilization, what if it is deeply impacted by industrialization and the internet revolution. The human hearts are the same and they respond to love. When denied, they generally react in frustration and seek revenge. When Victor Frankenstein creates a monster, he challenges the Kingdom of God, which is essentially filled with love. In a relationship, he is the ‘parent’ to the monster, but he fails to own parental responsibilities. The monster is destination-less and directionless and it does not know why it has arrived in this world.

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