3 Discussions. 150 words each. 24 Hours

1. How has e-commerce transformed marketing? Explain how social networking and the wisdom of crowds help companies improve operations. Research and discuss two examples of social networking.2. Explain how knowledge work systems provide value for a firm. Why do you think knowledge work systems are important today? Discuss how CAD, virtual reality, and augmented reality are used today. What has been your experience with these three tools? Are there similar technologies to CAD, VR, and AR that you see on the horizon that will benefit firms in the future? Don’t forget to cite a related resource.3. Distinguish between the four kinds of organizational change that can be promoted with information technology. Explain how you have been impacted by one of these kinds of organizational change. What were the benefits and disadvantages from your perspective? Describe how, in your personal experience, information technology was used to promote the change. If you have not experienced organizational change previously, research an example of how one of the four kinds of organizational change was promoted with information technology in a company or organization.

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