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  • Cather’s   “Neighbor Rosicky”   (1841); Frost’s  “The Road Not Taken” (1887) and
  • “Desert Places” (1891); Sandburg’s “Chicago” (1917) and “Grass” (1918);
  • Fitzgerald’s s “Babylon Revisited” (2143);
  • O’Neil’s Long Day’s Journey into Night (2005); and
  • Hughes’ “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” (2227), “I, Too” (2228), and “Song for a Dark Girl” (2229).
  • Be sure to read the introductions to each of the authors.  

Select one work from this week’s readings and make a case that this work does or does not belong in the American literary canon for a course like ours, a college survey course of American writers. 

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