Deliverable 6 – Leaderships Role in Creating an Innovative Culture

Deliverable 6 – Leaderships Role in Creating an Innovative Culture

Assignment Content

  1. Competency
    Evaluate the importance of leadership to build an innovative culture in the workplace.

    Student Success Criteria
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    You are considered an industry expert on innovation. You understand that in todays highly competitive environment, businesses are under pressure to constantly change and innovate. In order to stay relevant, organizations are always searching for unique ideas and to find the next best way to create value and gain a loyal following. Unfortunately, without appropriate leadership, building a culture that supports and allows for innovation is challenging, at best.

    As a business innovation guru and professional speaker, you have been asked to speak at an upcoming innovation conference. You decide the best way to explain innovation is to compare the leadership and culture of two innovative companies from different industries. You can present on any two innovative companies that you choose, as long as they are from different industries. You will present at the conference using PowerPoint and will need to include the following information in your presentation.

    Prepare a Presentation with speaker notes. Be sure to include all of the following slides in your presentation.

    • Title Slide: Presentation Introduction (1 slide)
    • Explain leadership styles and skills that have been successful to create an environment of innovation for both companies (2 slides minimum, 1 for each company)
    • Distinguish the type of culture that each organization possesses. (2 slides)
    • Describe the attitude on empowerment within each organization. (2 slides minimum, 1 for each company)
    • Hypothesis which business strategies would enable each company to continue to innovate and excel in future years (2 slides minimum, 1 for each)
    • Closing Slide: Conclusion & Closing (1 slide)
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