Ethical Issues: Religion/Spirituality In Therapy

In a 3-5 page scholarly paper you will evaluate the Hot Topic attached. Address the concepts of the topic and your professional opinion on the issues addressed in “Ethical Issues for the Integration of Religion and Spirituality in Therapy.”

After reading the “Hot Topic” you will use the  Library to find 3-5 scholarly articles regarding ethics and religion/spirituality. You will evaluate the facts of each article and present your professional conclusions, using the text and other references.

Using the Ethics Code, evaluate how the Code works in a religious/spiritual therapy setting. Explain why the APA ethical standards are important in this application. When writing your paper, review all of the standards of the Code that you believe are particularly related to this topic. .

Along with the text, use a minimum of three to five scholarly journal articles.

Your project should include the following:

Title Page


Body paper 3-5 pages


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    Assignment Rubrics



    Course: PS502 Ethics and Standards of Professional Psychology




    Unit 6 Project Rubric % – Points  Points


    Course Content    
    Student evaluates how the code of ethics works in a religious/spiritual therapy. 0 – 50  
    Student work demonstrates a review of the standards of the code covered in class thus far clearly addressing why the APA ethical standards are important in this type of therapy.. Student incorporates 3-5 journal articles in the review. Student cites/references the textbook as appropriate. 0 – 45  
    Style and Mechanics:  Includes introduction with clear thesis statement, complete paragraphs, and brief summary paragraph rephrasing thesis. 0 – 15  
    APA Style: Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA format. Meets the 2-3 page length requirements, which does not include the cover and reference page. 0 – 15  
    Total 125  



    Updated: April 2016

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