Biopsychosocial Assessment about Eliza

Read Eliza’s case study: Part two and review your completed Biopsychosocial Assessment about Eliza. This assignment has four parts:

  • Treatment Plan Development
  • Problem Identification and Diagnostic Decision Making
  • Theoretical Approach
  • Progress Monitoring

In a 1,500-1,750-word paper and treatment plan, include the following:

Part 1: Treatment Plan Development

Develop a treatment plan for Eliza using the attached treatment plan template. Be sure to complete each component of the treatment plan:

  • Diagnosis
  • Problem Description
  • Goal
  • Objective
  • Intervention
  • Target Date

Part 2: Problem Identification and Diagnostic Decision Making

  • Discuss how you would use the Level 01 Cross-Cutting Measure (CCM-1) to inform the treatment plan development process.
  • Identify and describe Eliza’s diagnosis and the process utilized in determining a final diagnosis using the most current version of the DSM and the ICD.

Part 3: Theoretical Approach

  • Discuss what treatment theory you would use with Eliza. Be sure to discuss how your theory of choice describes the formulation of problems, the change process, and the utilizations of its therapeutic techniques as intervention and prevention strategies.
  • Provide a description of how you would address any mental health, medical, legal, and substance use issues that the client exhibits in the case study through the lens of your counseling theory of choice.

Part 4: Progress Monitoring

  • Determine what Level 02 Cross-Cutting Measure (CCM-2) you would utilize in future sessions based on the information provided.
  • Identify one additional assessment or test that would measure the symptoms you are attempting to assess based on the treatment goals/plan. Discuss the standardization of the assessment, its appropriateness for the case, how it’s administered, and the interpretation of the results.
  • Describe how you would convey the assessment findings to the client and her family.
  • Include how you would prioritize the needs and formulate agreed upon outcomes, measures, and strategies. Be sure to include 8 to 10 scholarly resources in your paper.

Submit the paper and treatment plan template to your instructor.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

 Biopsychosocial Assessment ____ Part 1 (Topic 2)

Template ____ Part 2 (Topic 3)




Name: ______________________________ Date: _________________ DOB: ________________


Age: ________________________________ Start Time: ____________ End Time: ___________



Identifying Information:

Eliza is a visibly distraught student, as evidenced by her first refusal to sit down and to pace in front of the counselor’s desk for some duration before finally sitting down on the chair presented to her. Eliza is dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, a t-shirt, and a zip hoodie. She appears messy, as evidenced by her hair that was uncombed and un-ironed clothes. She struggled to make eye contact with the counselor during most of the initial session and often rubbed her arms and upper legs when talking. She admits of tiredness for not sleeping enough.


Presenting Problem:

Eliza has increased assessment levels, thereby subjecting her to the difficulty in the demanding study requirements in her second semester. She has struggled with making friends, with most of her friends admitted to other universities and others doing their things. It is evidence of loneliness.


Life Stressors:

The client responded to school as a life stressor. She relates her early school life as comfortable life compared to the life; she experiences in her present learning days. She says things came easy to her in high school, and she thought it would be the same in college. Eliza says she was not ready to deal with things for not coming quickly to her in university and communicating resentment over tutorials every week to remain caught up with the material. She offers feedback immense pressure to perform in her major because she comes from a family of engineers.


Substance Use: |_| Yes

The client is found to be abusing alcohol. It is resulting from peer pressure from a friend that surround her. Even though she finds it hard to admit that she is an addict to the drug and abuses it due to the influence she gets from her friends.


Addictions (i.e., gambling, pornography, video gaming):

The lady is addicted to several non-academic activities that do not add value to her education. During her free time, she participates in video gaming that consumes much of her time; therefore, she cannot complete her time assignments. She suffers from much pressure while handing in the work on a limited timeline. It makes her suffer mental disorientation to handle her school work.


Medical/Mental Health Hx/Hospitalizations:

Eliza has a history of cutting in her earlier days, even though it is a fact that she denies. She experiences the loss due to the tremendous stress that she undergoes due to her studies. The effects of the ailment extend to her present days. Therefore, she requires proper mental management to help her cope with the situation.



Eliza became very emotional and agitated when asked about substance use. She is traumatized by being victimized for abuse of drugs, but it is something she used before. She does not live the experience, and when it is talked about, she feels uncomfortable and intimidated.


Social Relationships:

Eliza’s social relationship is robust, but most people she relates to influence her to negative behavior that does not impact her development as expected. It makes her have a high demand to manage her social life to perform well academically. It results in the poor performance in her GPA.



Eliza achieves a lot of B’s in her classwork, which offset her poor performance. It is her motivation that with the efforts she depicts in her classwork, she will be able to challenge higher scores in her GPA.


Legal History:

Eliza has a legal history of arrest in possession of alcohol. It does not represent the imagery of a good student who upholds upright moral standing and responsible for her actions but with her identifying herself, she can position herself well within her behaving peers.


Educational History:

Having a good background of family members who have well-defined careers in engineering is an inspiration to her to do better regardless of the obstacles Eliza is experiencing. She performed well in her pre-university education, which is anticipated to translate to her excellent engineering college performance.

Family Information:

Eliza’s family is comprised of engineers who have well-advanced careers. It has enabled her to propel her engineering course, having people she benchmarks and observing how they progress in life. It is an advantage to shield her from the limelight of much expectation that people may have in her.



Eliza does not have a well-defined spiritual routine, even though various institutions can attend to get spiritually nourished within the university. Most of her time she spends in social functions and parties, which consumes much of her time to concentrate on her spiritual growth.



At some point, Eliza had thought of killing her life because of the pressure she experiences in her social life. She has the aspiration to do well in life, and the aspect of the influence she obtains from her social life derails that ambition. The effect is the motivation to take out her life to avoid such life frustrations.



With her friends’ influence, Eliza had one point committed to harm a colleague from confrontations that result from abuse of drugs. It is one of the harsh effects that she would suffer from the use of illegal substances involved in taking.


Mental Status Exam (MSE):

Eliza does not have stable mental health. She has many issues surrounding her, ranging from her social life to academic life, which makes her have unstable thinking to allow operate like any other youth in the society. Therefore, she requires a close examination to help her.

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