Personal Strengths Assessment And Career Planning


Submitted in partial fulfillment of MAN6245



Geographical area: Miami, Florida

(Originally from Dammam, Saudi Arabia)

Master’s Student

Florida international university

12th February 2017

Personal Principles and Values

From my perspective, there is learning at every step of life and being able to work on our learning can help us become a better individual. Every day, I try to live by my personal values, and ponder upon them before making decision. These principles and values are very important to me both in workplace and personal life:
1. Honesty – As said, honesty is the best policy and being honest with everyone is important. When we are honest, we build a positive character that allows us to be a good character and serve people during their difficult times. This applies to every working environment whether at home, being with friends or the place where we are working.

2. Hard work – I believe working hard is the most important value because if one has to achieve all the lavish lifestyle and live an enjoyable life, hard work is most important.

3. Practicality – Practicality is equally important as being positive in life. Being practical has taught me to make better judgment calls and be a more sensible person.

4. Well-Organized – I like to be well organized. Whether it is work place or at home, being organized gives me motivation to do continuous hard work. I tend write and plan my work accordingly and prioritize what is most important to least important. This helps me in achieving great results.

5. Leadership – A leader is one who guides, takes responsibility and motivates other individuals into right direction. Also, I believe that a leader is a motivation for others and inspires individuals to aim high and attain that aim.

Social Background

My name is Abdulhakim Alqahtani and I was born in Dammam city, Saudi Arabia. I am thankful to my parents that both being from a very small village in the South worked very hard, moved to a big city and gave me and my brothers and sisters an opportunity to learn and grow in different world. My Father being Businessman knew the value of education because during their times, education system was not as advanced as of now. As, I grew up, I realized that big city meant good education, bigger opportunities, and a positive way to work towards achieving dreams. After completing school and earning bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, I worked in an ARAMCO Company. This work experience made me more confident, self-motivated and also taught me to be more responsible.

Strengths Assessment

According to the assessments of Work Preference Indicators, Gallup Strengths Finder, and Humanities Typology Test, I have the following list of strengths:

Work Preference Indicators

Gallup Strengths Finder

Humanities Typology Test- ENFJ

Career Ladder


Extraverted- 53%

Time management


iNtuitive- 34%

Working with Data


Feeling- 12%

Focus on Ideas


Judging- 31%


Strengths Identified by the Assessments

From all the strength tests and assessments, I believe that all the factors relates to my personal principles and values. WPI suggested that, I have best strength in areas like Career Ladder, Time Management, working with data and Focus on ideas. This is actually true because being an Engineer all these strengths are really important and I could actually relate all that to my work experience in an organization. Assessments like the Strengths Finder projected me to be strong in the areas like Learner, Communication, Consistency, Analytical and Focus. Other assessments like the MBTI scored me to be “ENFJ” (Extraverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging). I am a fast learner and try to use that learning in my work. In a professional environment, it is also important to communicate with peers and to be interactive. I also like to focus on things that are really important at that point irrespective of what others think.

Unexpected results-

· Work Independence- I didn’t expect that Work independence to come 0%, as it is true that in an organization, working in a team is the most preferred way but to work in a team one should give individual ideas as well.

Capabilities and Deficiencies

My Capabilities are listed below-

· Dedicated- I am always focused towards my work.

· Time Management- I like to have my daily activities planned ahead of time.

My Deficiencies are listed below-

· Result oriented behavior- I need to be effective at doing my work and contribute to the overall success of organization.

· Flexible- Need to adapt easily in an organization by dealing to customers’ needs, efficiently complete their work and perfect decision-making when necessary.

Career Vision

I think, position of an Engineering Manager in a manufacturing firm matches my personality and present interests. It is the best practice according to my personality because I had prior experience as an engineering manager where my job role was to look after technical services as well as coordinating people. Though it is a very big responsibility, I like to tackle challenges. Also, I like to do fact-based analysis of the technical problems. Advancement in the same field can help me fulfill all my dreams.


As a mentor for myself, I suggest myself to keep working on my personal growth and focus towards my career goals. Learning from my mistakes is also important because if, I keep that learning forever than, I can get a good boost in my career growth. Also, I want to improve my critical thinking that will help me solving complex problems and use my knowledge to mentor my juniors towards right path.

Peer Review

Reviewer 1- Palash Mahind (4th February 2017)

1. Personal Principles and Values- I think you have written this very well. The explanations to your each and every value mirrors your mentioned values.

2. Social Background- Social background tells me about yourself and your family. I think you should have also given a brief explanation on your liking towards the mechanical engineering.

3. Strength Assessment- Your strength assessment result tells a lot about yourself. It goes in cognizance with your values and principles. Your WPI results does quite show that you are close in having leadership skills. You lack result oriented behavior where you have to work hard.

4. Strengths Identified by the Assessments- I dint quite understand what you mean to say in unexpected results. I think what you wanted to write is, you were not expecting work independence to come 0%, as you like to work independently. And in organizations to contribute into teams first you need to analyze everything independently. I think you need to rephrase this.

5. Capabilities & Deficiencies- I think you also have many capabilities which surfaced into WPI, strength finder. After reviewing your while document the most important capability I found which you missed is that you are more Technical oriented person. You should have focused more on this because your career option is also related with the same.

Overall it is quite good paper that yo3u have written. I did get to know what you mean to say. Your grammar and organization of data is also good. You haven’t still mentioned references, I would recommend you do it. There us definitely clarity in writing and sharing of knowledge.

Thank you for letting me review your document

Reviewer 2- Lokesh Gopi (4th February 2017)

Hi Vipul. Your document was quite an interesting read. Upon reading your document, I would like to put forth the following points for your consideration,

1. In Social Background, I feel you could have been more elaborate and mentioned about the societal impact and your personal experiences.

2. I see your “Capabilities” match with the outcomes of the assessments. I suggest you stick to it and work on your deficiencies to further enhance your personality.

3. I believe your strong points are a serve as perfect qualities to help you fulfill your aspiration.

4. If I had to suggest to you an alternative career choice that I reckon you consider making a career in Digital marketing and Social media advertising. Your extraverted nature and ability to work with data and numbers would help you excel in this field.

Thank you for letting me review your document. Good luck!

Appendices (Supporting documentation for assessments)


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