Corrections Case Study

Assignment 3 Template: Corrections Case Study

Note: Please download this template, write the answers to the following questions directly within the template, then submit the completed template through the Week 10 Assignment 3 submission link in your Blackboard course shell. Please use the naming convention “Assignment3_FirstName_LastName” to name this file.


1. Describe the main methods Sergeant Baldwin and his staff use to maintain order and safety in the prison. Take a position on the effectiveness, risks, pros and cons, and ethics of these methods.








2. Choose one (1) of the inmates profiled in this video – Terry Dibble, Simkayta Winfield, Jerico Jones, or Gregory Crowder – and discuss their situation. Explain how they ended up at Statefield, the main issues they described facing, and the methods they use to cope with their time in prison.











3. Discuss the effect you feel the presence of the active armed guards has on the violence level and overall safety within this prison.








4. Describe the issue of isolation in Statesville presented in this video and the effects connections and contact with outside visitors can have on the prisoners’ mental status.







5. Identify at least two (2) issues that gay inmates here uniquely face as well as at least one (1) method of protecting gay inmates against each of these identified issues.








6. Take a position on how you believe conditions at Statefield could be improved. Include at least two (2) specific actions that could be taken to improve conditions (i.e. security and safety, abuse and use of force, isolation, poor food quality, etc.). Provide a rationale for your position.

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