Critical Perspectives Essay 2 Guidelines

ritical Perspectives Essay 2 Guidelines

Dr. Catherine Chiniara Charrett


Semester 2 2020/2021

Assessment 3- Essay

Essay (2,000 words) (50%). Deadline: 13:00, 12 April 2021.

In Weeks 10 and 11 we will be exploring two key topics in Global Politics: Technology and the Environment. For your final essay you will choose your own issue in relation to one of these two topics, and you will analyse it using your concept from Assessment 1.

Your essay should address the following aspects:

A developed understanding of your key concept using the feedback you received from assessment 1

An evidence-based account of the issue in technology or the environment and why it matters for Global Politics

A detailed analysis of your chosen issue through the key concept, and an academic-based defence of why this concept is important for understanding Global Politics



Introduction (catchy beginning, argument and outline)

Beginning – Introduce your concept and explain why it is relevant for your chosen topic

Middle- Identify analytical details you want to pick up on/ themes

End-Integrate examples along the way (in each paragraph), or save a larger case study for the last third of the paper

Conclude by highlighting your strongest points from the essay and making any last statements you want to make




Choose a topic you are interested in. And think before you start what you want to say about it.

Make sure you have developed a single argument (usually a long sentence)

State your argument in the introduction

Each paragraph needs a topic sentence, that relates back to the overall argument

Make sure to investigate your topic in technology or environment using academic sources

You can use some news and websites, but only for news items. These must be supported with academic research

Push your analytical skills. Use your concept to analyse the issues in your chosen topic.

Cite all the material you use: empirical and theoretical

Use the PIR Red Book for the correct citation method

Leave time for editing and proofreading and double checking your bibliography

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