Seven Steps Decision Making Assignment

Readings & Videos: Week 12&13 – Ethical Decision-Making Tools & Ethical Decision-Making Assignment


Review this PDF for context about this week’s activities. It is important to review the videos and readings this week as it will help you to complete next week’s assignment.

Chapter 07


This week we are moving beyond using just the ethical triangle to think about tough ethical decisions. You will learn more about different types of ethical decision-making frameworks and ways to think about ethical dilemmas.


Please view the overview video for the assignment here.


The readings below will prepare you for thinking about ethical decision making and why it is so important.

A Framework for Ethical Decision-Making (Links to an external site.)

Why It’s So Hard to Train Someone to Make an Ethical Decision (Links to an external site.)

Ethical Dilemmas and Decision-Making (Links to an external site.)

The information below is designed to help prepare you to be successful for the paper that is due at the end of next week. This assignment is important, as you’ll be putting what you have learned so far into action. Many students who have taken this class believe it is one of the most useful exercises, as you can use this process to make decisions in your everyday life, personal and professional.

Based on some of the questions I have received in past semesters, here is some additional info to consider:

· Where to find an article: “The guardian” has a section dedicated to articles tagged as related to “ethics”. If you even just type in “ethical issues news” in google, there will be other newspapers that have ethics sections where you’ll find something interesting to write about.

· Here are some example articles that have to do with the Coronavirus:

· (Links to an external site.)

· (Links to an external site.)

· (Links to an external site.)

· (Links to an external site.)

· Is my article “good enough”?: If you feel confident that you can offer alternatives to the actions and go through each of the tests required of the assignment, then I would say that an article appropriate. I say this because it has to do with the level of detail you are able to provide, sometimes if it is very “clear cut”, it becomes difficult to write an entire paper about the subject.

· Can I use more than one article?: You can reference more than one article about a given topic or case. This can be useful when you are trying to assess all relevant facts.

Also, when you turn in your paper through Turnitin, you will see what percentage is deemed from other sources. If you keep the question headings in there and that is what is highlighted, that is OK. If more than 20% of your paper is highlighted outside of the headings, that is not OK. Please revise your assignment if this happens to you.


Important Note:

· In step 4, Develop Options, be sure to list out the options available. In some of the articles, there are options already presented – but try to think of others. If the article already mentions options, that’s fine – but you must evaluate each of them.

· In step 5, you MUST walk through the tests for each option.

Important Resources:

UCSD: Ethical Awareness Site (Links to an external site.)  – this site will walk you through how to think about the ethical issue that you identified.

How to compare conclusions from different ethics tests – Use this website to give you more insight into how to use the ethical tests and compare results from each of the tests.

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