Leds Presentation

  1. Choose 2 sentinel events cited in Box 23.5 on page 424 of your textbook, as an example to consider.
  2. What would you suggest to prevent a reoccurrence?
  3. Decide under what circumstances you would inform the patient and family and under what circumstances you would withhold the information.


Mini Presentation Grading Rubric – Score = 10 pts

 1. Used professional tone and language,  — 2pts                                                         

2. Answered/anticipated questions, effective communication – 2pts

3. Emphasis on safety, risk reduction links to patient/person-centered care – 2 pts

4. Solid knowledge base of topic is evident – 2pts

5. , organized/cohesive – 2pts  

(FYI please pick only 2 out of the box. pick 1 and any other one out of the box

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