Qsen Infographic

NURS 423

Grading Rubric for Infographic/Poster Presentation


Students Name: ____________________________________________________


Grading Criteria Possible




I. Speaking Skills/Format Presentation is well-organized QI Project is precise and relevant to nursing Adheres to the 15 minutes timeframe, inclusive of Q&A




Group presents infographic or poster about project Poster is attractive and engages audience Team members speak clearly, maintains eye-contact Able to answer questions posed by audience/judges


Professional Appearance, Tone, Language and Demeanor Evidence of full grasp of the topic by each team member Face audience, does not read, rush and uses complete sentences Presenters can be easily heard and understood by all


II. Content Infographic clearly/accurately describes the project & method used States reasons for choosing the project and states its’ importance Includes background information and research evidence of effectiveness


Includes leadership principles

Discusses application of Donabedian Model in the project 10

Clearly outlines the change process, and

Actions needed to achieve desired outcome 10

Identifies key participants and stakeholders 10

Clearly state

The desired outcome

The training required to implement the QI project,

Include the method to be used to evaluate outcomes,

The timeline to verify improvement projected.

Lessons learned and surprises


Team Dynamics Group members share work equally Evidence of Leadership and collaboration Inter-Communication and practice is evident Smooth transitions, cohesive, concise and complete


IV. References Uses at least 5 references References are cited on infographic or poster using APA format.


Total Points 100


Judge’s comments:

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