During tonight’s class, we discussed protein structure and how changes in the amino acid sequence of a protein can significantly alter its function and cause diseases/disorders. With this in mind, write a paragraph that explains the cause of sickle cell anemia disease? Your answer should be no longer than one page and should answer ALL of the following questions: 1. What is the name (spell it out) of the specific protein that is affected in sickle cell anemia disease? 2. Describe the specific change in the amino acid sequence that causes sickle cell anemia disease? 3. How does this protein function in normal people who do not suffer from sickle cell anemia disease? 4. What are the symptoms that individuals with sickle cell anemia disease experience? 5. Is there a cure for sickle cells anemia disease? If not, describe the types of treatments that are used to alleviate the symptoms of sickle anemia disease. You will earn 20 pts for correctly answering each question (maximum points earned is 100). You may use the internet and/or your textbook to assist you, but please DO NOT copy your answers directly from the internet or textbook. 

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