Healthy Active Living Education Yoga


By: Asjadh

Using the internet, answer the following questions. Your responses are to be uploaded into assignments

1. There are several styles of yoga. List four styles and include a brief explanation of each. (k/u 4)

2. List four benefits of practising yoga.(t/i 4)

3. List one benefit for each of the following yoga poses. (app 7)

Child’s pose

Reclined Supine Twist

Fire Log Pose (Agnistambhasana)

Triangle Pose

Half-Locust Pose

Cat/Cow Stretch

Seated Forward Bend

4. Name three common misalignments that people do when performing the Downward Facing Dog. (k/u 3)

5. Look up two yoga centres within the GTA (k/u 2)

6. Look up a retreat that offers yoga (can be anywhere in the world). Provide a brief overview of what they offer and what makes that place worth going to (e.g. – services, yoga sessions included in the stay, instructors, etc). (t/I 10)

7. Insert a picture of a yoga pose not mentioned in the above questions/answers. Be sure to name the pose as well. (comm 2)

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