Response In Physical Security

Using Resources to Promote Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an integral part of any educational program

At UC, we encourage and provide applicable resources for the promotion of critical thinking

In order to properly research and complete course papers, proper resources must be utilized

Critical Thinking helps us to:

Understand the links between ideas.

Determine the importance and relevance of arguments and ideas.

Recognize, build and appraise arguments.

Identify inconsistencies and errors in reasoning.

Approach problems in a consistent and systematic way.

Reflect on the justification of their own assumptions, beliefs and values.

Researching Using the Critical Questions

When using research resources, it is imperative to review the six critical questions and implement that data into your writings.

Proper Resources for Research

When asked to completed a research paper in the UC School for Computer and Information Sciences, you must use scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

A peer-reviewed article is one that has “been evaluated by several researchers or subject specialist in the academic community prior to accepting it for publication” and is “also known as scholarly or refereed.”

Your professor or the UC Librarian team can help you determine whether or not an article is peer-reviewed.

Proper Resources for Research

Examples of sites with peer-reviewed resources

UC Library Site



Google Scholar

Examples of sites with unacceptable resources

PC Magazine


Ars Technica


Proper Format is Important

All papers written for courses within the School for Computer and Information Sciences must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style.

University Resources

The UC Library provides a myriad of online resources to assist students with proper research

Resources referring to Information Security can be found inside the UC Library site


Group 1

Group Topic: Deterrence in Physical Security


Group 2

Group Topic: Delay in Physical Security


Group 3

Group Topic: Detection in Physical Security


Group 4

Group Topic: Assessment in Physical Security


Group 5

Group Topic: Response in Physical Security


Group 6

Group Topic: Recovery in Physical Security


Group 7

Group Topic: Physical Security during a Pandemic


Group 8

Group Topic: Physical Security during Political/Social Unrest



Research Paper

10-12 pages (not including title, TOC, references, and any appendices)

Double spaced APA style

At least 10 references

At least 5 of your references must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles

Research Paper

The purpose of the research paper is to associate controls (administrative, technical, and physical) with your assigned physical security goal.

Some items that need to be addressed are:

Associated Threats




Guidelines and standards

Appropriate controls

Issues and concerns for different industries

Business continuity and risk mitigation

Budgetary concerns

Research Paper

Find and review peer-reviewed scholarly articles concerning the access control and the associated industry

Find and review other information that associates with your topic area

Apply research from articles on chosen topic area to create research paper

Research Topic


Provide a working knowledge physical security

Compare and contrast your assigned goal with others

Deeply research the use of physical security to meet your assigned goal

Tie your research back to recommendations for physical security controls


Get lost and broaden the topic too far

Disassociate your peer-reviewed scholarly research from the topic

Plagiarize and copy/paste from sites

Forget the topic of our course

Research Presentation

Goal is to summarize your research and recommendations

Must present for at least 20 minutes but no more than 30 minutes

Your group will be randomly selected for presentation

All group members need to participate in the presentation


Please visit the “Residency” folder and select the specific dropbox to view the associated rubric

The rubrics will be used when grading the paper and presentation

ISOL531 | Access Control

Dr. Justin O. Hensley

School of Computer and Information Sciences


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